The book David Copperfield by Charles Dickens is one of the most exciting and heart-warming autobiographies of all time. The book focuses on Copperfield’s life starting from the moment of his birth. With the help of Peggotty, his mothers nurse, they lived a happy life. Peggotty assisted David’s mother in raising him. In addition to this, when his mother decided to marry Mr. Murderstone, He appeared to be cruel and violent. Aas a result, David’s life started to change.

With the death of his mother, his harsh stepfather had to take care of him, he was put to work in one of London’s warehouses. David faced with different problems while residing in the Micawber family. He got in a fight with his workmates who were incompetent. He was left with nothing, and he chose to run away to Dover where his aunt Betsey Trotwood lived at the time. Aunt Betsey treated him well like he was her own flesh and blood. It was during this time that he met Agnes, his landlord’s daughter. After graduation he worked at Spenlow & Jorkin. It was then that he met Mr. Spenlow’s daughter Dora, and fell in love with her. David married Dora, and worked hard in order to help his Aunt Betsey with her financial problems. He then found out what Dora’s real personality was. He married an immature woman that was also not ready to live a less luxurious life.

Another important sact that is worth to mention is that he later found out that Mr.Micawber, his old friend, worked for Mr. Wickfield who was his exemployer and the father of Agnes, whom he has had sisterly affection. A man named Uriah Heep, sabotaged Mr. Wickfield’s business and tried to take it away from him. But in the end, his friend Micawber exposed the issues involving Heep. As a result, he was able to help Aunt Betsey.

Whate is more when Dora, David’s wife died the man could not forget the pain caused by this tragic event, he decided to go to Australia, with some family members of the Peggotys and the Micawbers to start anew. Before they left, they were involved in a shipwreck where Steerforth was killed. Because of the sad events, David went abroad and travelled for three years. When he returned from his soul-searching trip, he realized how he truly loved Agnes. It was then that he confided his feelings and decided to marry her. David and Agnes surpassed all the trials that came in their way, thus, they had a happy marriage.

To draw thye conclusion, one should note that the book is all about David’s happiness and endeavors, and how he matures while facing them. It showed how David faced all of the hardships and how he grew as a person. Furthermore, it proved vhow David had matured from all of the issues he faced. He lived a life filled with many clashes among needs and wants, desires, and social pressure, but in the end he was able to face this with a strong heart and determination to fight every trial that goes his way. The last thing that one should note is that he found out how to handle differnt tasks and to become a strong man.

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