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Effective Essay Companies and Their Defective Counterparts

Choosing an essay writing service is not supposed to be a lengthy process. That’s why we have reviews for that. In my case, I decided to look into three popular choices and wrote a review for each of them. The purpose of this is to make a case that not all sites will be up to our standards, but there are gems out there that can still make the cut and impress you more than you initially expected.

This site is like the new kid on the block who’s out to prove himself to be the best in the ring. Luckily for them, their wide array of services and quality service has given them the edge that they needed to stand out in the writing market. Customer reviews can attest that the site does fulfill its promise of quality papers and services.

When I tried it myself, I saw that the research paper they gave me exceeded my expectations. Not only was it written perfectly, it was also sourced properly and legitimately. I checked for copies online and there were none as well. Since I was a new client, they gave me one of their discounts: 15% off for a first-time user that can be claimed using a promo code on their site.

I received the paper on time, with little to no issues. The customer service was excellent and I hardly needed to micromanage them during the whole process. All in all, I’d say deserves its moniker.


Too bad for this site because it had such a catchy name. When I visited their landing page, I was bombarded with faulty grammar, inconsistent sentence formations, and so much more. Testimonials from other review sites weren’t reassuring either. Although there were positive feedbacks, most of the comments were about their lack of quality in customer service.

When I ordered my own paper, I had to get it revised several times to the point that they must have thought that I was more of a professional writer than they were. The writer obliged, but I could hardly get a speedy answer. Although I got my paper on time, I worry that it would fail once it was presented to an academic professional. Thankfully, the site is not a scam, but I would rather go elsewhere for a paper that needs to be of high quality.

In terms of prices, theirs was the standard for the writing industry. We received a 15% newbie discount, but we couldn’t find any coupon codes anywhere. Still, a fair price requires a fair product.

I would say that had a properly implemented sales design. Not only was it user-friendly, its various pages were easy to access from the landing page as well. They offer academic papers, which is why I decided to order a research paper. It was well-made, but the issues that encompass this site may be more damaging for them in the long run.

I would say that money is the real issue here. Rather than offer samples, they make you pay for three for $5. Not only that, their rates are also a bit too much compared to the best writing services in the business. When I called to inquire about their other products, the representative tried to be helpful, but seemed to lack information on the details of their services. Fortunately, they make up for it by allowing revisions within seven days and offering free additional pages like, title pages, bibliographies, and table of contents. They also offer free plagiarism checks, as well as proofreading and quality control. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case with their own website. Ratings-wise, I would give this site three out of five stars.

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